Eating and Drinking Sensibly for A Longer Life

Eating and Drinking Sensibly for A Longer Life

The best foods and the best drinks to drink when you have eaten in excess

Do not take away the ‘bacalao’ at Christmas, but now it’s time to compensate. We give you a complete list of recommended foods and two diets for you to choose. You’re welcome


The Christmas is synonymous with eating and drinking excessively. One always says that “this year will be different”, which will be controlled with meals and alcohol, but when you see yourself in a super-company party, in a meeting of pseudo-friends or in the house of grandmother Agustina, the good intentions will become down You eat what they put in front of you through a mixture of gluttony, boredom and the usual “one day is one day”.


And you drink to forget all the calories that you are getting between your chest and back and to make the meeting faster. In the end, you need best will writing service, among so many prawns, nougat and whiskey, you even think you’re having a movie. “I love these Christmas dinners!” You say as you hug Carmen, the Commercial.


The bad comes the next morning. You wake up bloated, with a hangover and you are sure that what happened the night will be noticed on your scale. If you’ve gotten up in your bed and alone, there’s nothing to worry about. The rest are just too many calories, and we have the perfect crash diet so that you can cope with the (much needed) excesses of the time.


The safest thing is that you feel heartburn and reflux, so you should consume low-fat products, such as, for example, skimmed milk


If you make a mess with the regimes, do not fear: we also have a list of the foods you should eat after the ‘binge’. Attentive:


The food you should eat

There are certain foods that feel better at one time or another. It also depends on what you want to achieve with your intake. As we want to compensate for the binge and alcohol of yesterday, reduce the swelling and not get fat, we have to eat the following:


1) Skimmed milk


The safest thing is that you feel heartburn and reflux, so, according to nutritionist Rob Hobson, you should consume low-fat products. And one of the best options is skimmed milk. The foods high in fat (especially saturated fat ) will take longer to digest and produce these uncomfortable digestive problems.


2) Fruit


The fruit is essential to overcome these excesses. The best, reveals the nutritionist, are the tropical ones because they contain papain and bromelain, digestive enzymes present especially in pineapple. It is also good the kiwi, cherries and oranges.


It is good to eat fruit does not mean you have to be all day based on this. There are many people who do a ‘regimen depurative’ for 24 hours and only eat this type of food. The experts in nutrition consulted by ‘Efe’ advice against it all together: they propose to moderate the rations and make a correct and light diet the day after the feast.


3) Pasta or rice


The next day, our body has excess fat, salt and protein, so the next day is usually a good idea to take a little rice or pasta (without sauce), although in your daily diet you tend to restrict them. It is recommended by the experts of the health portal ‘ Health ‘.


The fruit is essential. The best is tropical because they contain papain and bromelain, digestive enzymes present especially in pineapple


4) Green vegetables


The greens are some of the most nutritious, with very high levels of iron, magnesium and fiber. It is a good idea to add a portion of these foods in all meals. They will come in handy, especially because they help increase the flow of bile through the liver, which can help the body get rid of waste products. They are, for example, broccoli, artichokes and peas.


The fiber it provides is also essential for the recovery process. In addition to these vegetables, you can eat whole grain and whole grain cereals (oats, rye or corn) and whole-grain toast.


5) Beans and chickpeas


The fat of the binge added to the dehydrating effects of alcohol can cause constipation, which will leave you feeling very uncomfortable throughout the day. Therefore, experts recommend that you eat legumes since they are rich in soluble fiber that dissolves in water so that it helps to soften the stool and improves intestinal transit.


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