Planning a Wedding and How to Do it 

Planning a Wedding and How to Do it 

Every little girl dreams of her wedding day, of walking down the aisle to marry her prince charming in her perfect dress. When it come to actually planning the Big Day, however, many brides find themselves lost as they try to navigate everything that has to happen for a Big White Wedding. While fantisising about the man, the dress, and the hair is fun, actually organising everything, from the venue to the entertainment, is more than a little intimidating.

Because planning a wedding can be an overwhelming experience, wedding planning companies, like 1 Stop Wedding Shop, have become more popular in recent years. It’s difficult to squeeze in organising a wedding with work and other commitments in today’s fast-paced world. Wedding planners work with the happy couple to make their wedding magical while removing the stress of having to organise it all during lunch-breaks. And then there’s the cost. Weddings can be phenomenally expensive, with venues charging several thousand pounds to host the event, and some photographers charging in excess of £2,000 for the day. Many people think that having a wedding planner will increase that cost, but the opposite is true. These companies want repeat business, so it’s sensible to offer them a discount to planners, and that discount is passed onto the client, making everyone happy.

Working with the best local venues, wedding planners are able to negotiate the best prices for their clients for every wedding. From a luxury hotel to a stately home, your perfect location is almost certainly already known to a good planner, and they will be able to suggest the right venue for the theme of your wedding, as well as the number of guests. As for getting to the venue, your planner will work with you to find your ideal car or other mode of transport (horse-drawn carriage, anyone?)

Wedding photographers can be expensive, and it’s difficult to know beforehand if you’re going to get someone that you trust to capture the celebration perfectly. The wonderful thing about having a wedding planner is that they work with photographers that they trust, and the price will be included in the wedding package as standard.

When it comes to the wedding reception, the food and entertainment are the most important parts of it. Once the ceremony is over, the speeches spoken, and the new Mr. and Mrs. toasted many times, everyone is finally able to relax, eat, drink, and dance. The food and the entertainment are so important, and so it is important to get them right. Your wedding planner will work with you to discuss whether you want a band or a disco, a buffet or a sit down meal, and ensure they find the right person for the job.

Knowing how much work is needed to put a wedding together, and of the cost involved, it is easy to see why wedding planning is a huge business, and, when you think about it, the happiest day of your lives should not be marred by all of the stress involved.

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