How to Prepare for a Wedding Gate Crash in Singapore

How to Prepare for a Wedding Gate Crash in Singapore

Wedding crashes are common activities carried out in weddings in Singapore. Typically a gate crash involves the groom going through a series of crash games planned and in some cases it may attribute to the amount of money that the groom needs to pay in order to be allowed to enter the house.

Sadly, the tradition has continued to be plain boring and it’s becoming sad that not many young men enjoy the wedding gate crash. Here are some tips to make a gate crash outright amazing:

  1. Balance

The balance between a bride’s expectations and the groom’s likes and dislikes are very important. As a bride, in as much as it’s your time to “torture” your groom, you have to be careful of the activities you allow your groom to go through. Definitely, you’d not want a groom whose shy to go far beyond his comfort yet you wouldn’t want to hurt him through the process.

  1. Time is Important

Keep time! Do not include a lot of activities to the extent of lacking time to interact with your groom. Leave some of the games you had planned for to be at the end of the wedding. Guys love feeling accomplished at the end of every game that is set before them.

  1. Custom Groom Attires

If you’d like to have a good time, allow your groom to customize his own attire. It is quite a common thing for any bride to try to make custom attire for the groom – which isn’t good at all. Nonetheless, ensure that what the groom chooses as custom attire doesn’t destroy the atmosphere in the place.

  1. Stick to Your Theme

Stick to your theme! Most gate crashes lack themes even after implementation of the gate crash event. For example, you may decide to create your own jungle/ fairy tale theme and ensure that all attires worn on that day do not “break” the atmosphere and theme already in place.

  1. Spice it Up!

The most common game played is called suan-tian-ku-la. The game is based on the Chinese idiom with the idea that couples go through all the stages in life (sour, bitter, spicy and sweet).

Well, this game could have a bit of a change to make it better and loved since it has a bad reputation especially because of the type of bad food made by evil bridesmaid. You won’t even imagine how disgusting it is.

Regardless of the game that you choose, remember to always include your audiences. Ensure that from family to friends to relatives, everyone participates. For example, games with a judging element could fit the audience as they have a chance to be put on a bench and asked to judge the games

In addition, audiences can help out by participating in the games, for example, through playing penalties in games like suan, tian, ku, la game. These activities and participation add a hilarious element to the general game.

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