A princess wedding dress, or a cheap wedding dress, Cosmo delivers you what wedding attire to wear. For both winter and summer, short or long, Cosmo unveils you the tailor-made wedding dress, the designer wedding dress, and the original wedding dress. Want a fairy tale? Let yourself be carried away by the magic of Cosmo!


Marriage must be the best day of your life. To be the most beautiful, you must have THE  perfect wedding dress. And for that, know that there are mistakes to avoid when choosing your wedding dress. Lipo Freeze Nottingham weddings


What wedding dress to wear?

For your wedding, you must choose a wedding dress that looks like you. You can opt for a  princess wedding dress, a  short wedding dress or an original wedding dress.


Ideally, choose a dress matching your wedding band. 


You can also dare color with your wedding dress: pink, cream, eggshell … Let go! If you do not dare color, bet on original accessories.


And if you do not know which wedding dress to wear, we have concocted a selection based on your morphology. It is also possible to trust the one that corresponds to your astrological sign.


What does it matter! The important thing is to be well inside. Cosmo selects, for you, all the most beautiful models of wedding dresses at low prices, or trendy or high-end brands.


In our wedding dress folder, also find the mistakes not to make when choosing your outfit for the wedding and the worst dresses worn by a bride.


What are the trends in a wedding dress?

To avoid the lack of taste, Cosmo offers a wide selection of trendy wedding dresses this season. Do not miss, however, to inspire you with the best wedding blogs to make your choice!


To choose your wedding dress, you can also take inspiration from the most iconic dresses: Carrie Bradshaw, Lady D, Kate Middleton, Grace Kelly …


The wedding dress designers are also a good source of inspiration for finding the dress for the most beautiful day of your life. Their creations, perhaps off- budget wedding, allow seeing what are the trends of the moment in dress ceremony.


Spotlight on the lace wedding dress

The lace wedding dress is the star of marriage since Kate Middleton has brought it up to date. Lace of Calais, Chantilly, Brussels …


The types of lace are numerous and respond as closely as possible to your needs. Whether you’re looking for a romantic or modern wedding dress. Lace is unavoidable.


With it, your dress gains refinement. A small detail on the collar or backless is often the difference.


For those who want a wedding dress with sleeves without looking worn out, lace – all in transparency – is an alternative found. So, what are you waiting for?


Where to find a wedding dress?

To know where to find a wedding dress, Cosmo selects all the best wedding plans.


And because everything depends on your budget, you can opt for a  tailor-made wedding dress, a  designer wedding dress or a  cheap wedding dress.


Choose your wedding dress according to your type of wedding 

And who did not think of the practicality of this dress for the day J: will I be able to go pee? My dress is tight, will I be able to eat without cracking it? And to dance, as I do?


Without forgetting to match, your wedding dress to the theme of your wedding. History to beautify even more your wedding photos.


And do not forget the groom

Admittedly, your dress will attract all the attention on the day, but Monsieur must not be wronged by the affair. The groom is also entitled to be the most beautiful for your wedding.


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